Is there anything so lovely in this world as a hearty breakfast, warmed, shared, savored? Steaming eggs, smoking coffee, pancakes, and oats, and grizzled meats from great beasts, fresh fruit from foreign lands. And pass the butter please, the syrup. No, thanks, I really shouldn’t, okay … one more, one more. Refill the coffee; refill yourself.

And best of all, the promise of a new day whose pages are yet unwritten. Anything is possible today, but it doesn’t matter, not just yet—I’ve a cup of dark joy to drink, and a mind full of mindful thoughts that need not be shared. But they could be.

At this bright hour, my thoughts are mine. I peer into my dark cup. My reflection smiles.

Some thoughts will fade, ceasing to be known by their very architect; others will make their way into the world, changing my own course, interacting with life beyond my limited sphere.

What was that? Yes, please, one more. I don’t have to go, not just yet, not just yet. Why do we always have somewhere to go, anyway? Let’s stay, let’s linger. Refill the vessel; refill myself.

This is wholesome. This is hearty. This is breakfast; a break from a life lived too fast.


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