Books on the Beach

Books on the Beach: Conversations With Book-Loving Beachgoers

Books on the Beach

Image Courtesy Marcel Oosterwijk, CC BY-SA 2.

BOOKS AND BEACHES go together like piña and colada, lime and corona, gin and tonic . . . okay, you get the pitcher, err, picture.  Salt in the air, wind through hair, and a book in hand—for a beach-bound book lover, this is the ideal day.

On any given shoreline, hundreds of beachgoers can be found flipping the pages of beloved books both new and old. What are these myriad titles? To find out, StayMused recently combed some local beaches in search of folks willing to discuss the titles they brought with them. The results were as varied as the attitudes people held about a random stranger interrupting their peaceful vacation moments.



Literary Treasures Here and There: Verona, Italy

O Verona, Verona, Wherefore Art Though Verona?

Book Yourself A Literary Getaway

“Juliet’s Balcony, Verona” by Spencer Wright

Why, ‘tis in Italy of course. And as even the most causal Shakespeare reader knows, Verona, Italy provides the setting for the most tragic, yet enduring love story of all time: Romeo and Juliet. In this city and throughout Italy in general, the literary devotee can find a number of sites that bring to life the enduring works not only of the Bard himself, but also a host of other celebrated scribes.


Literary Treasures Here and There: London, England

Literary Treasures Here and There London, England

Bodleian Library, London England | Image Courtesy Koen de Geus

PERHAPS IT’S A FORMER HAUNT of a favored author, the location of a classic novel’s setting, or the home of a renowned literary establishment. Whatever the specifics, there exist untold destinations throughout the world capable of breathing new life into our favorite literature.

During the course of an ongoing series entitled “Literary Treasures Here and There,” we’ll be exploring bookish destinations around the globe. For this first installment, pack your deerstalker cap, favorite tobacco pipe, and a bespoke greatcoat; we’re headed to London, England, a city steeped in rich storytelling tradition. (more…)