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Wrenching Free of Writer’s Block with Five Simple Strategies


“Get back to writing with literary abandon.”

WHAT DO Ray Bradbury, Kathryn Harrison, Stephen King, and C&C Music Factory all have in common? Each one of them has the tools you need to wrench free of writer’s block. Yes, that’s right, beyond the conventional wisdom supplied by King and company, even the purveyors of 1990’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” can help you .



What’s in the Box: Thinking ‘Inside the Box’ to Create Suspenseful Writing


What’s in the Box: Thinking ‘Inside the Box’ to Create Suspenseful Writing

What’s in the Box | Image Courtesy Kyle Pearson (Licensed Under CC BY-ND 2.0)

ALL THREE BOYS held their breath while Brian forced a key into the worn lock of his grandfather’s weathered steamer trunk. “Was this the right key?” Brian thought. And more importantly, what was the secret that Grandpa had been hiding all these years . . .

We writers are constantly striving to maintain our readers’ attention. We can accomplish this, of course, through a carefully constructed primary plot. But we can also make use of other more subtle techniques to propel the reader forward. A particularly fun way to add intrigue is through a simple technique I like to think of as the “what’s in the box” teaser.  (more…)