Get ‘Pre-Bent’: A Quick Guitar Lesson on Pre-bending (Video Lesson)


Bend Big, Bend Proud | Photo, Courtesy Greg Neate (License: CC BY 2.0)

So, fellow guitarists, you’ve bent your twang box until your fingers gave out and now want to learn some new skills. Pre-bending—a technique whereby you bend a note to a target pitch before picking the string—is an effective way to really grab your listeners’ ears.


Being Original in a Creatively Crowded World

Being Original in a Creatively Crowded World

WITH SO MUCH creative content seeping out into the world, it  sometimes feels like true originality is an increasingly unobtainable objective. After all, there are only so many plot structures, so many colors, and so many notes.

“No one can see the world through your own eyes, tell your story, or paint your picture. Only you can do that.”

But instead of despairing before the great collective oeuvre of all the world’s artists, we should feel free to reference its genius—and without feeling like doing so somehow infringes upon our own creativity. (more…)